As a company we require that each employ conduct themselves with a high level of integrity in all aspects of their job and responsibilities. We are a company that seeks to serve one another and others with a genuine respect and honor.


We seek to employ those persons that pledge to serve their teammates and clients with a can-do attitude. Each employee should seek to satisfy the client and achieve the goals of the company with excellence.


We aim to hire individuals who have achieved certain educational levels and the applicable standards based on the job description. It is our desire that you continue the process of learning which comes from training and continued education opportunities.


The company places a high value on persons that will seek to conform to our goals and ethics as a team. We all desire to work well with one another and encourage our fellow workers.


Charles Williams REIC is an accomplished Real Estate Investment and Management firm with a rich history in the field. They have an extensive background in Real Estate Development and Management, which spans for over five decades.


The company was founded in 1968 by Charles Williams Sr. who endeavored to grow into a residential company that touched all facets of housing need. During this time, the company grew with experience in managing residential and commercial properties, overseeing maintenance, tenant relations, and financial operations. This led to the next generation of leadership with his two sons becoming active in all aspects of the business. The strong organizational skills and ability to effectively manage diverse portfolios quickly caught the attention of industry leaders.


The company excelled in developing investment strategies, analyzing market trends, and identifying lucrative real estate opportunities. With a keen eye for value and risk assessment abilities, the CWREIC team played a pivotal role in growing the company’s portfolio and maximizing investor returns.


Throughout their tenure, CWREIC has been a driving force in establishing strong relationships with investors, stakeholders, and industry partners. The ability to communicate effectively, negotiate deals, and build trust has contributed significantly to their success. The company focuses on hiring and establishing site teams that exhibit the qualities of Character, Competency, Commitment, Cohesiveness, and the 4 C’s.


Charles Williams’ REIC management history reflects a successful and accomplished career in the real estate industry. The strategic vision, dedication to excellence, and commitment to creating value for investors have positioned the firm as a respected leader in the field.

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